Photo Gallery

Some of our SOLD horses, in their new homes...

I think River is settling into his new digs just fine. :) We are excited to hear how he is doing and see trail riding pictures AND his dressage lesson pictures!

CC has trusted us and purchased several horses over the years, for her and her riding school. We always know they will be well cared for and enjoyed.

Ellie got Molly from us back in May 2014. We always LOVE getting updates and awesome pictures to see how everyone is doing! Love those 2!

I am so happy that Diesel found the perfect owner at a very nice facility. He will be a lesson horse and so much more. I know he is happy!

Mr. Apache is now the proud owner of a little girl, who is going to spend lots of time with him. He also now has a couple mini's as roommates. :)

Lakota has found his perfect home. He is now going to touch so many lives as a therapy horse. He will be spoiled to death and I know touch many hearts.

We are SO glad that these brothers found perfect matches in Rebel & Chief. They are going to have many, many memorable rides in the years to come!

Excited for Charlie's future with Ashlin. They have many years ahead of them to learn together, and ride on their beautiful property.

I am very proud of, and excited for Drifter and his new mom Brandi. They are doing so well together and have become the perfect match. I knew when I bought Drifter that he was going to be an amazing horse. We made sure we started him correctly and exposed him to alot, to insure him a great future. I am very glad he found Brandi to learn and grow with. 

So very happy with Romeo's new home. Cole and Romeo are going to have lots of fun growing together!

Super excited for Kipper and Koda. They are really a great match and I look forward to hearing from them and seeing lots of trail riding pictures!

Deuce and Shrek get to stay together as a matching set! Their new parents have taken them home to Maryland! Now they have another matching set as roomates!
How cute are they!

So happy for Tucker and Meredith. Glad you 2 are having great rides and growing together. Thanks for signing the Guestbook! Hope to ride with you guys soon!

I am not sure they are bonding lol - I am so happy that everyone is doing so well. Being a part of helping a little girl realize her dreams means everything! Geronimo is a good boy.

Lynn I know you and Moses are enjoying every day together, and that makes me love what I do!

Great picture Kelly! I know you will be sending us lots of new pictures of your journeys!

I Know Abby and Star are going to have lots of great rides on the beach. So many of our horses have moved to the beach in the last few years! I need to go visit them!

Pepper at his new home with Avery. First day there and windy cold weather had settled in!   Is it spring yet??

Pete with his new friends Racheel & Smoke, and Rebecca and Wren. Jacqueline says he is doing just great, as we knew he would. Happy trails to you guys!

I know that Shannon and Valentine are working hard and riding a lot. I am very proud of both of them and hope to see them soon and get lots more pictures.

Moonshine and Sunshine are back together. They are both at their new home on the parkway. I know they will be very happy.

Rocky seems to be off to a great start with his new family. Maybe we can come ride with you guys on the coast sometime this year!

It looks like Secret has a great partner! I'm so glad she is doing well for you and you guys ride all of the time.

Cowboy-Awww, so photogenic he is! Looks like a great home for him.

Looks like Cowboy and Sugar are getting along well at there new place.

Snickers - with her new mom in Virginia. You guys make a great pair!

River - and his family in Florida. He seems quite comfy with yall! He seems quite comfy with yall! 

China - first day at her new home...meeting her new room mates. I know you guys will make a great team! Maybe we will get to come down close to the beach and ride with you sometime!

"Storm" (aka now "Mir") - teaching his new mom how to do some ground work :) 

Dallas - with his new mom. They got caught out in the rain riding. He's happy! Thanks for giving my boy a great new home!