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For sale: “Tucker GEN II Endurance Saddle”Two-tone black and brown, 15” seat. Ergonomic padded aluminum stirrups, Bought new for$1,850.00 (plus shipping). Used only 5 times. Can be viewed at Tucker Saddle’s website: item #158.

“Weaver Smart Girth Collection”, Used only 5  times. bought new, $50.
Western Fleece saddle pad, Used only 5 times. bought new, $145.
Brown saddle bags with 2 water bottles, bought new, NEVER used (still has the tag on it), $50.
6 foot lead shank w/ rope halter (not pictured)used only 5 times. bought new, $45.
Custom made saddle stand to fit THIS saddle, bought new, $200.

Selling the WHOLE lot for $1,400. PAID $2,340 you SAVE $940! Money back guarantee!
IF this saddle does NOT fit your horse OR YOU… will refund your money IN FULL. Depending on YOUR location… WILL bring ALL tack to you and you can try it on! If it fits and you like it, you buy it. IF it DOESN’T fit or you DON’T like it, don’t buy it. 


Very well made Western Saddle
lightly padded slick 16" seat
nice classic tooling throughout
wide horn (but not a Wade tree saddle)
small tear in the fleece on the bottom


Vintage childs pony saddle
detailed tooing all over the saddle
including on the original tapadero stirrup covers
great for decoration on walls, banisters and railings.

We have 19ea 12' Round Pen panels for sale.
We also have rubber mating to go around the bottom of the panels to hold the sand in. There is enough to go around a 35' round pen.

Roll of Rubber - $100

Panels $55ea and you have to buy 10 panels or ALL panels.
If you purchase all 19 panels we will take $50ea.
There is One full length panel with a gate (pictured).