Horses For Adoption

We usually have some horses available for adoption to good homes. We take in some rescues, get horses out of bad situation and sometimes wild horses adopted.
These horses vary in age, training, weight, and breed.

Sometimes a horse pictured & offered here is not up to its potential YET, but once we have them healthy and on their way we go ahead and offer them. 

If you see something here that you would like to provide a loving home and a great future for, please contact us. These horses are sound & usually amazingly loving. They deserve better futures than where they came from & we do not have them to make a profit. We simply try to give back as much as we can to horses, because horses do so much for US.

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Check out Iceman, Cupcake and Stetson's pages. They are not free due to expenses and purchase prices we had to pay to get them out of their situation. However they are priced low to find them a good home, that is not an auction house.



Grullo Mini Horse Stallion


Fabio is a cute little dude. He is fine boned and small. He is easy to handle, stands for farrier, leads, ties, loads, bathes, hobbles, & grooms quietly. His name suits him, as he has an amazing amount of gorgeous mane & tail. Awesome grullo coloring & markings.
Fabio goes thru obstacles well & has a brave heart.



This is Slim. We purchased him from someone who had gotten him out of a bad situation. SHE ended up having her situation change and decided that SHE was not going to be able to care for him as needed. So we took him on.
Slim IS trained to ride and said to be beginner safe. However, do to his weight at the time and his issue with his right front hoof, we have not done any riding with him thus far. His slide show includes pictures from the time he was acquired as well as current pictures of his progress to now.


8yr old Quarter Cross
Bay - 14 hands


Pride was one of many horses rounded up in a "horse hoarding" siezure. They were all wild, never touched. Pride and many others were stallions with their own band of mares.
This is a very intelligent now GELDING.  He learns quickly and does try to please. Pride likes attention, he just needs more handling to trust his people.